Friday, November 4, 2011

Kray-Z Debuts "Nuh Normal" Music Video

‘Nuh Normal’, the name of Kray-Z’s first official music video, has dropped TODAY, as the artiste gears up for full on promotion of this single.

The riddim was released in early 2011 and is still picking up major recognition, rotation and positive reviews.

The song, internationally produced, is a great feel-good song, which Kray-Z himself is absolutely in love with.

“The beat has this mellow, fresh, cross-over vibe and once I heard it I knew I was going to dedicate this one to the ladies,” he said.

“The song is basically a take on the classic boy meets a girl story. Visually relaxing, the video offers the viewers a chance to experience the fun interaction of the couple, and him finding a girl that’s ‘swagging’ like him” Kray-Z continued.

The video was shot and directed by the fast-rising creative team at RD Studios, who recently shot the video for Aidonia’s single ‘Summer Sun’ and Beenie Man’s ‘Let’s Go’ on the ‘Overproof Riddim’.

“We decided to go for a cool, clean and relaxed feel, we explored local and other Caribbean locations in order to capture the true mood and spirit of the song” The team at RD Studios commented.

‘The concept is easy to follow and I’m sure most of the viewing public, especially the younger demographic will be able to relate to the video. Its simple and engaging, so I’m positive Kray-Z will be able to make that connection with his fans,” they continued.

Kray-Z who released his ‘Pull Up Dat Vol. 1’ mixtape in April of this year, says he’s working hard to put out good music and that he is aiming to pursue a credible longevity within the entertainment industry.

G3 Muzik produced, ‘Here I Come’ and ‘One Night Stand’ are singles yet to be released by Kray-Z, so with his lyrical punches, versatility and ultimate love for music he is sure to make it to the top while perfecting his craft every step of the way.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Game - Aint No Doubt About It [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ft. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell

You just KNOW that anytime Justin Timberlake and Pharell are on a track together, smoothness is the outcome!! Game adds the hip hop vibe; personally, I think Jay-Z or Ye would have done much better on this track. However, I still like it.


The video just oozes everything MVLA, all that's needed now is me with a Jamaican flag flying on that ship!! lol 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Eminem - Space Bound [OFFICIAL HD VIDEO]

Space Bound, a new single by Rap Superstar Eminem. Video features pornstar Sasha Grey as his love interest. Sounds good, let us know if it's MVLA or NOT

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Boyz ft. Chris Brown - Better With The Lights Off [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Chris Brown, New Boyz, hilarious song! LOL

Frank Ocean - Novacane [OFFICIAL HD VIDEO]

One of the more promising members of the New-Age Urban Rap/R&B group "Odd Future", Frank Ocean provides a never before seen spin on the R&B genre. Usually rather cryptic in his lyrics, the mystique has transcended into his first solo single video. Packed with ghost nudity, pandas, a tiger, a weird Chinese woman, drug use and Mr.Ocean himself - all in one room.

Tell us what you get from this. Is he just tripping or is it something more?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9" - Fast Lane [OFFICIAL HD VIDEO]

Firstly, we'd like to apologize for the lengthy delay of posting. We promise frequent and consistent posting from henceforth, to make YOUR SUMMER :: MVLA!!!

Now, if you haven't heard of the combination effort between Hip-Hop Stars Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" then clearly you're living under a ROCK (and it sure ain't a Diamond)! With the upcoming release of their Bad Meets Evil EP entitled "HELL :: The Sequel", they have been dropping high profile singles all day. The first official video of one of those singles (Fast Lane) was released today! Have a look, MVLA or NOT?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 - A Few Fashion Trends [For the Ladies]

Take a look at a few fashion trends for the spring and upcoming summer of 2011. Not everyone can afford couture fashion, or you may not even like the look. Its just to give you an idea of the styles of the season, you can edit your wardrobe according to your budget and style. JUST BE FRESH! BE MULA!

1. Sheer Maxi Dress 
At the time of writing we've only noted two takes on the sheer maxi dress / maxi skirt trend (more will join an set-to-grow list below), both worn by supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw. A fusion of the maxi dresses and the sheer fashion trend. 
Comments (Mula Clothing Co) : ummmmmmmmm

2. Lace 
A trend round-up to inspire you for late summer 2010, but also a trend that you'd be amiss not to carry in to Autumn/Fall 2011 : lace dresses and lace skirts.

How to Wear it : 
The ultimate balance of lace in 2010 / 2011 is to be romantic but not over-girly; sensual but not over-suggestive. Like taking beautifully crafted lace that would have once been part of a garment and making it the only layer. The lace isn't an added detail of a garment, it is the garment. And thus we come to lace skirts and lace dresses. Dare to wear them without a slip underneath. Just keep the cut a little more relaxed or the hem a little longer to maintain that aforementioned balance.


3. Capri Pants
Skinny pant cuts may have dominated the landscape for several years now... but there have always been other styles coming and going around the nebulous edges of the fashion world. For Spring 2011 the slim-cut, though not necessarily skin tight, cropped pant gets a look in as one of those alternatives. 

4. Tail Hems (Dresses Longer at the Back) 
They cover, yet they expose. And they're a simple way to freshen up your Spring 2011 wardrobe with a new type of cut.

5. Stripes (for summer) 
Note that I didn't say bold stripes, but dominant stripes. While navy and white stripes are a must for the look (though black and white can also work in 2011), the real key to Summer's take on nautical stripes is that they dominate the outfit. 

Don't think of this Summer stripes just as a clothing trend: you can work them into any part of an outfit

Return of the Bell Bottoms! - 

6. Jumpsuits 
Well, as fashion would dictate it, one-piece anythings are back in style. From overalls to jumpsuits, to playsuits and rompers, these one piece cuts are an option for fashionisers looking for pieces for their spring 2011 wardrobe.

Shout out to fashionising writter Daniel P Dykes for the tips. MULA CLOTHING CO. the true Jamaican brand. 
Other fashion trends coming soon!
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